One-Off Cleaning Services from Melwill Services provide a tailored solution for those seeking a sparkling clean home, with no ongoing commitments required.

Every once in a while, every house needs some TLC..

One-time cleaning is something you need for a number of reasons, and we have the cleaning teams and services to help you out.

These days, who has time to clean their oven, steam clean their windows, clean their cabinets, and wipe down their fridge and drawers? 

One-Off Cleaning Service

Let us do the hard stuff for you. We know a lot about the following:

One-Offs for Specific Areas

Want a one-time cleaning of a specific part of our house? Or maybe you want a quick clean-up? This service is exemplary for you.

Full Home Cleans

Do you need your whole house cleaned just once? For a flat rate, we’ll clean your entire home based on our detailed checklist.

Move Out / End Of Lease Cleans

Just for these times, we offer end-of-lease cleanings. Want a process that is easy and guarantees your bond back? You may rely on us!

Carpet and Steam Cleaning

End-of-Lease and Move-Out cleaning often need this, but it’s also great for giving carpets and other furniture new life.

One-Offs for Specific Areas

If you only want certain parts of your house cleaned, our “Hourly Rate” service is the intelligent choice.

We can be very flexible with the cleaning we do because our rates are by the hour. We do as much as we can in the time you give us.

One-time cleans like these are great if you only need certain areas cleaned (like the kitchen, bathroom, or floors) or if you want to give some places a quick makeover.

We give you everything you need, so all you have to do is make an appointment and forget about it. 

Experience pristine cleanliness with Melwill Services’ One-Off Cleaning!

There are no contracts, just exceptional service.
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Full Home Clean

Perhaps our “Flat Rate Service” is the best choice for you if you only want your whole house cleaned once.

We offer flat rates that cover all of your home’s general cleaning needs without a set amount of time.

We stick to our set list, which we’ve made over time to include all the most important things people want.

On top of our standard checklist, we offer a number of extras. Our “Full Home Clean” extra, which is sometimes called a “Deep Clean,” is the best way to get your house really clean if it hasn’t been cleaned in 4 to 6 weeks or more.

When To Book A Full Home Clean

The easy answer? When you last cleaned your whole house in four to six weeks or longer. Why? Dull, dirty, and grimy things gather in some places over time, making our to-do lists longer and the cleaning more necessary.

The “Full Home Clean” extra gives you the extra time and work to make your home shine again!

Both our standard Flat Rate service and our Full Home Cleans cover a lot of the same areas.

However, as everyone knows, a clean bathroom will require a lot less work than one that is!

If your house hasn’t been fully cleaned in more than 4 to 6 weeks, please book the Full Home Clean. 

Please keep in mind that if you book a standard Flat Rate clean for a house that has yet to be cleaned in 4-6 weeks or more, we may need to call you on the day of the service to change it to a Full Home Clean.

If you need more clarification, we suggest the Full Home Clean extra to avoid any unnecessary problems.

Make sure we send the best cleaning team to your home.

How to Book A Full Home Clean?

You can book a Full Home Clean by adding the “Full Home Clean” extra to any of our flat-rate services. First, choose the flat rate that matches the number of bedrooms (and studies) in your home.

Then, in the next section of the form, select the Full Home Clean extra.

See the next section for a list of all the extras we offer.

Other Extras Available

Our Flat Rates and Full Home Cleans include all the general cleaning you need, but you may also want to add some extras.

There are extras to these things because the tasks are time-consuming, and they can be cleaned infrequently.

Some of the extras we offer include:

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Inside Oven
  • Inside Windows
  • Green Supplies
  • Inside Drawers/Cabinets
  • Wet Wiping Blinds
  • Balcony Clean
  • Inside Fridge
  • Laundry
  • Washing Up Dishes
  • Changing Beds
  • Ironing

Professional one-off cleaning service Melbourne-wide

The best cleaning services in all of Melbourne can be found at Melwill Services. We’re very good at one-time cleaning like the ones above.

However, we’re also very good at regular cleaning, office cleaning, commercial cleaning, and more.

If you live within 30 to 40 km of the center of Melbourne, we can likely help you. 

 Please visit our “Contact Us” page if you are still not sure which service is best for you.

We would be happy to help you.


What is included in One Off Cleaning?

Our One-Time Cleaning Service comes in two different forms: our Hourly Rate Service and our Flat Rate Service. Our one-time, flat-rate cleaning service does all the general cleaning that needs to be done to make sure your home is spotless.

We do all of the general cleaning. We dust and wipe down the window sills, mop and vacuum, clean the bathroom tiles and the range hood, and more.

When you book our Hourly Rate Service, you can choose how much or how little time you want to use the service.

You can choose any time you wish to use the hourly rate service, and we’ll do everything we can during that time.

Can I request additional cleaning tasks to be completed during a one-off cleaning?

Of course! Our flat rates and Full Home cleaning take care of most of the general cleaning in your home, but you may need us to do something else.

You can add extra cleaning services like cleaning the inside of drawers, the balcony, with steam, and more.

You can be completely flexible with the time you book for our Hourly Rate Services.

This means that you can either ask for Extras to be included in the time you book, or you can add them as an Extra. You could book a two-hour service and request that the inside of the oven be cleaned during that time, or you could book a two-hour service and add an extra two hours to clean the oven.

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